Draw a Stickman EPIC 3 v1.0 - DARKZER0
  • 1.0
Draw a Stickman EPIC 3 — is a rather interesting game that will give you a large number of incredible emotions and adventures on a par with an amazing mood. Soon you will be able to create your own unique character by going to do good deeds and enjoy the wonderful gameplay. The third part will be able to please all gamers with a great opportunity to create their own character, as well as play with their friends, really getting unrealistic enjoyment and a lot of emotions from the game. Play and enjoy going through many levels on your way.
Nirmita 2D Survival Fantasy RPG v0.2.2.2
Nirmita 2D Survival Fantasy RPG is a mixture of two-dimensional survival and fantasy role-playing game in which you have to try to break the curse on this world and defeat Evil. The game takes place in an unusual fantasy world called Nirmita, which is inhabited not only by people, for the most part girls, but also intelligent animals that can also be spoken to. And all would be well, but only a curse was imposed on the world here, because of which now all its inhabitants are in danger. Well, you will wake up in the role of the main character in an ordinary small cave. The hero does not remember anything about his origin or events that happened before that, and you will need to help her. Help him restore memories of the past, save the world, break the curse and defeat the villain.

The game is updated 8-05-2020, 15:51, to the latest version

Bleeding Edge Build 20200507 - 3DM
  • 3DM
  • Build 20200507
Bleeding Edge — follows all fans of similar games in the genre of action-adventure games, with a lot of battles, killings and blood. Judging by the announcements, we are awaiting an amazing confrontation between players in multiplayer mode, ready to pick up weapons and start killing each other. Online battles await. Quickly install the game and become the best among friends and enemies, take first place on the podium, get valuable prizes and develop your character, improving it over and over again to best resist opponents. You are invited to choose from a large number of characters, where each has his own skill, style, skills and abilities.
Thea 2 The Shattering - CODEX + Update Build 0665
  • Build 0665 + Wrath of the Sea
If you like to come up with various tactics for managing huge troops, then you just need to download Thea 2 The Shattering. The game world is filled with various mythology and has a fantasy universe. Playing the game, you will encounter the magic of great heroes, scary enemies and a bunch of other interesting things that will pleasantly surprise fans of a good time. The most important thing is to get acquainted with the mechanics of the game and the initial missions, imbued with history and begin to win. The game takes place during a terrible and difficult war.

The game is updated 8-05-2020, 07:50, to the latest version Build 0665 + Wrath of the Sea.

MachiaVillain v20200508 + All DLC - PLAZA
  • 20200508 + All DLC
MachiaVillain — is an eccentric two-dimensional simulator of a real bloodthirsty villain with elements of a strategy game, with drawn, cartoon and perfectly flat graphics that does not spoil it at all. For the creation of this product it is worth thanking Wild Factor. The game takes place in a small provincial town, where a complete bacchanalia and lawlessness takes place. The diverse elements of the criminal world have taken power in their own hands and are doing what they see fit. But we, in spite of our expectations, do not rush to the aid of the underprivileged this time, and quite the contrary — are happy to serve the merged order. Our protege has long dreamed of only one thing — to become the most terrifying, creepy and frightening villain of all ever existed on the planet Earth.

The game is updated 8-05-2020, 05:58, to the latest version 20200508 + All DLC.

Jay and Silent Bob Mall Brawl v4994254 - Goldberg
  • Goldberg
  • 4994254
Jay and Silent Bob Mall Brawl — is an 8-bit beat em up in which you need to break through hooligans and guards to find a way out of the mall and return to Quickstop. You can play alone, strategically switching between Jay and Silent Bob, or complete the game with a friend in cooperative mode. The players have to help Jay and Bob escape from the mall full of various enemies and traps. Among the key features are noted: a rich set of combo attacks, the ability to use environmental objects in the battle with enemies, nice 8-bit graphics and various bosses each of which will make you sweat, you can play alone or with friends.
World of Horror v0.9.14 - Early Access
  • 0.9.14 - Early Access
World of Horror — say the graphics are not the most important? What about trying a 1-bit adventure horror. The combination of RPG, turn-based combat and «Point & Click» makes the gameplay unusual, and black and white pixel graphics add their own charm. The game received quite high marks from the players, which is not surprising, because before you is a truly terrible story that can scare even with such primitive graphics.

The game is updated 8-05-2020, 15:56, to the latest version 0.9.14 - Early Access.