112 Operator 2nd Year Anniversary Build 8640806 - SKIDROW
  • 2nd Year Anniversary Build 8640806

112 Operator is the sequel to 911 Operator, both of which were developed by the independent Polish studio Jutsu Games. As in the previous version, the game described here combines elements of strategy and simulation, in which players assume the role of emergency services operators. In the game 112 Operator, our task is to answer the calls of people in need and help them by giving advice, as well as sending fire brigades, ambulances and police to them. Due to the fact that we have limited resources, we must choose the right number of people and a suitable vehicle or car for each event, the list of which includes fire engines, ambulances and even helicopters.

The game is updated 6-02-2024, 03:59, to the latest version 2nd Year Anniversary Build 8640806.