3D PUZZLE Alchemist House v2022.04.22 - P2P
  • P2P
  • 2022.04.22
3D PUZZLE Alchemist House — assemble the 3D puzzle by moving things to the right places to create a beautiful house. The player can move objects by taking them with the left mouse button, and automatically place them if he brought them to the right place. Move the player with the WASD keys. You need to approach the object, take it by clicking the left mouse button and move the object to the desired location marked in green. If you bring the right item, it will fall into place and you will receive points for the leaderboards and achievements. Collect as many substances as possible as soon as possible to get more points for the leaderboard. If you bring the wrong item, you can throw it away, it will return to its original location so you can pick it up again.