41 Hours - CODEX + Update v1.04
  • 1.04
The project with the short name 41 Hours — is an indie action game with elements of the first-person shooter Abyss of Death, as well as with the style of post-apocalypse and open world. Here you have to reincarnate as a hero named Ethan, who is a truly brilliant physicist. After a global catastrophe that happened around the world, your wife disappears, and the rest of humanity plunged into chaos. There is almost no time left and the next 41 hours will be decisive and extremely busy. Thanks to his experiments and best practices, the protagonist was able to discover in himself the ability to telekinesis and time dilation, which gives him a significant advantage over many rivals.

The game is updated 20-07-2021, 04:54, to the latest version 1.04.