600Seconds The Deep Church v1.0 - DARKSiDERS
  • 1.0
600Seconds The Deep Church — waking up in front of a church in the middle of a meadow, Mutsuki follows the white cat inside and begins to explore. Their watch shows 23:50 on July 15, 1927. After 600 seconds, Mutsuki must defeat the monsters that appear and escape this nightmare. With 600 seconds remaining before the change of day, Mutsuki can explore the church in this serene dream world. Equip Mutsuki with guns, ammunition and fire bottles to increase their combat power. Health-boosting red mint and health-restoring green mint can help reduce the risk of death. Coral-locked doors can be opened with coral keys. Some walls can also be damaged by weapons, and there are bookshelves that you can interact with to discover hidden objects. In addition to the 4 guns hidden inside the church, there are 4 more special shining weapons.