99Vidas Definitive Edition v2.0.0 - PLAZA
  • Definitive Edition v2.0.0
99Vidas — games belonging to franchises such as Final Fight, Double Dragon or Streets of Rage, as well as those, symbolize an important period in the history of games. Such games were also a source of inspiration for the creators of 99Vidas, the independent studio QUByte Interactive. The game is a regular battle and has been released for many systems. 99Vidas is essentially an incredibly powerful artifact that was stolen by an evil boss. In the hands of an attacker, an object can lead to chaos in this world it is not surprising that the main characters, who have gone through their entire lives to be the guardians of the artifact, had to go on a dangerous journey. The goal they face is to defeat the enemy along with six of his allies. Obviously, they also need to get the artifact before it’s too late.