9th Dawn 3 v1.70
  • Chronos
  • 1.70
9th Dawn 3 — RPG is an addictive pixel-style RPG in which you will experience incredible adventures in mysterious dungeons, dense forests, dangerous mountains and other equally interesting locations. Opponents will be almost 300 different monsters, defeating which you will have the opportunity to get valuable artifacts, treasures and necessary materials. You can also lure monsters to your side. What is an RPG without the ability to level up. Improve your hero in terms of both combat performance and craft. Also, do not forget about your monsters, allies, which can also be pumped. More than 1400 pieces of unique items, including weapons, armor and various accessories are in the game. Collect all of them and try them out. An excellent orchestral soundtrack will accompany you on your battle wanderings, atmospheric conveying everything that happens on the screen.

The game is updated 23-07-2021, 15:54, to the latest version 1.70.