Astrox Imperium Build 113a
  • Build 113a
Astrox Imperium — is a space simulator with RPG elements, where a large open world of the Void is presented, which you need to explore, fight with many ships, improving the shuttle and pumping the team. The game features many fractions and a complete economic system. People left the planet as a result of environmental disaster. Mankind had to explore the vastness of space. They built the majestic ship Imperium, equipping it with quantum technology. The ship was built with the goal of exploring distant planets in order to find a new place for the human race. But the Imperium was destroyed and only a few people survived and began to build a new ark. 230 years have passed since that moment.

The game is updated 26-02-2021, 04:52, to the latest version Build 113a.