Bartlow's Dread Machine Build 5326405
  • Build 5326405
Bartlow’s Dread Machine — is a shooter game, the action of which is built into an alternative steampunk reality. The game was developed by studio Beep Games whose portfolio includes a 3D platformer VooDoo Vince Remastered and a puzzle game called Light Tracer and Tribetoy studio authors of the Bow to Blood series. Bartlow’s Dread Machine game tells an alternative version of the story, according to which in 1907, long before the heyday of electronics, inventor Arthur Harrington Bartlow created the first arcade machine. Although the machine was intended to be used for entertainment, it often harmed users, so it did not gain popularity and therefore lost its popularity in the darkness of history along with its author. However, the notes left by Bartlow and the fragments of the machine should have allowed the Beep Games team to faithfully reproduce the machine in this video game.