Broken Thorns West Gate v1.0 - DARKSiDERS
  • 1.0
Broken Thorns West Gate — a symbolic story in which you play as a stranger who has just arrived from the cursed land in search of peace in this miserable world. You will have to travel through the land of the West Gate, once a beautiful place that has become home to demons, shadows and many other evil spirits. You will wander around the dying world, finding yourself in many different situations where evil forces will try to stop you, using your fears, doubts, temptations and weaknesses. It will not be difficult for you to understand which choice is right in these situations, it will be difficult for you to choose them honestly. Lying in this game is like losing. The evil liar spread his lies throughout the Western Gate. You will help him or defeat him. The map, situations, objects and enemies are drawn by hand with colored pencils by five stunning young artists like no other game. All human characters are depicted as men.