Fantasy General 2 - CODEX + Update v1.02.10803
  • 1.02.10803 + Onslaught DLC
Fantasy General 2 — The fantasy world has long been surrounded by constant battles, war and bloodshed. Barbarian clans, monsters and other creatures all merged in one mess and destroyed each other. The war has grown so much that the very existence of the world has come into question. Therefore, the great king Brendan decided to permanently rectify the situation, he not only removed all powers from the clans and freedom, and created a single peace treaty. Everyone signed it, and peace began, though it did not last as long as we would like, and after the death of the king, the clans revolted again and began to destroy each other. Now came the stage of a completely new war, which portends even more troubles. True, as is customary, against the background of a dangerous war, a hero appears who can defeat everyone and create a whole new world.

The game is updated 16-09-2020, 04:15, to the latest version 1.02.10803 + Onslaught DLC.