Fishing North Atlantic Build 5573524 - Chronos
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  • Build 5573524
Fishing North Atlantic — if you like a variety of adventures in the vastness of the ocean, then we recommend that you pay attention to our new adventure, which promises to be not only exciting, but also the most elaborate. This time you will have the opportunity to go fishing and try to build a career not only as a transporter, but also as a fisherman, captain or any other member of the crew. You will be fishing on a large scale, using traditional methods of bottom scanning or resorting to the help of modern technologies. The choice is yours and remember that the result will depend not only on the difficulty of fishing, but also on the ability to deal with a storm that can destroy all your cargo. As it should be, you will start from the very bottom as an assistant to any employee on the ship.

The game is updated 20-10-2020, 06:52, to the latest version Build 5573524.