GTTOD Get To The Orange Door Sticks And Stones Part 2
  • Sticks And Stones Part 2
GTTOD Get To The Orange Door — is an arcade first-person shooter in which you will face shootouts with numerous enemies, challenge rooms, traps, dozens of deaths and dozens of tasks. Unfortunately, at the moment, practically nothing is known about the storyline, but it seems to be not there. But it is not required, because the main feature of this game is primarily in the first-person gunfights and the increased dynamics of everything that happens on the screen. The gameplay here is quite simple and is based on the simplest mechanics of the genre. With a first-person view, you will go through locations, on each of which there is always an orange door, which you just need to get into.

The game is updated 25-11-2021, 05:16, to the latest version Sticks And Stones Part 2.