Hitman 3 - CODEX + Update v3.20.0 HotFix
  • 3.20.0 HotFix
Hitman 3 — is already the eighth game in the series, and, according to the developers, the final one, and at the same time the darkest of all parts. You are waiting for another portion of crazy action, espionage, killing enemies, intrigue and conspiracy. Game events at this the moment the developers are not fully disclosed, but it is already known that the players are invited to play the role of the same 47th Agent, who will once again plunge into a series of murders and shootings. But now stealth is given even more attention here, and the intelligence of enemies has completely moved to a fundamentally new level. In general, you will have the opportunity to fully experience what it is like to be 47th.

The game is updated 11-04-2021, 05:10, to the latest version 3.20.0 HotFix.