Lost Scavenger v0.3.348
  • 0.3.348
Lost Scavenger — this is RPG game in the search window, you can select the time for the search, indicate the roles of the squad members and the tools used that can provide additional trophies a bow can provide game, and a light source will help when searching at night, but it will also increase the level of danger, since it makes the squad more noticeable. Searching a hex may reveal hidden locations, such as a spring, an abandoned car, a forester’s house. These objects can serve as a source of valuable loot, water, provide a safe overnight stay, or start a text quest. In addition to story quests, the player can face random events meet a squad of bandits and join their gang, be attacked by wolves in the forest, save a lady in trouble who will run away at night with your belongings and many others.

The game is updated 23-06-2022, 03:48, to the latest version 0.3.348.