Marvels Avengers v1.3.3 Build 13.38 - CPY
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  • 1.3.3 (build 13.38)
Marvels Avengers — is a new computer project that could become one of the largest games-services released next year. The developers have not yet shown many details of their own brainchild, but over the past few weeks, Square Enix has become actively talking about the different characters that will be able to enjoy in this product. Not so long ago, on the official Twitter of this game, one could see a post that was dedicated to another Avenger — this is the famous Iron Man. Superhero Tony Stark is voiced by Nolan North. Considering how much we are accustomed to hearing the voice of Robert Downey Jr., then North is faced with a difficult task, but it should be noted that he coped with success.

The game is updated 20-10-2020, 04:54, to the latest version 1.3.3 (build 13.38).