No Place for Bravery v2020.09.16 demo
  • demo v2020.09.16
No Place for Bravery — Thorn, a retired warrior haunted by nightmares, stumbles upon an opportunity for redemption after finding clues that could shed light on the long-standing events that led to his daughter’s disappearance. In the company of his disabled adopted son Fida, the player will have to decide how far Thorne will go in order not only to save his daughter, but also to realize his ambitions. A 2D top-down RPG that combines high-definition visuals, exhilarating music, intense combat, and a deeply engaging story of moral dilemmas and personal reflections of decisions. The plot tells about the war who, many years later, finds information that his daughter may be alive. And now, together with his adopted son, he sets off in search of the truth. Players will find a dynamic combat system, an incredibly personal story.