Planet Centauri v0.11.12
  • 0.11.12
Planet Centauri — a sandbox with elements of action RPG, made in the style of 2D. Unlike other games of this genre, the start of Planet Centauri begins with a really well-developed character editor: a wide range of not only different clothes, but also unique appearance features is provided for the player’s choice. Two modes are available in Planet Centauri: story and free. The goal of the main character in both cases is to raise a new civilization on the planet Centauri from scratch. In addition to exploring different biome territories with their own characteristics and dungeons, the player will have to fight the Night Walkers and defend settlements with numerous NPCs. In addition to anthropomorphic community members, the gamer will become a reliable protector for rare species of animals.

The game is updated Yesterday, 04:51, to the latest version 0.11.12.