Shadow Man Remastered - CODEX + Update v1.3
  • 1.3
Shadow Man Remastered — is an updated version of the 1999 adventure game based on the comic book from the American publisher Valiant. The remaster is produced by the award-winning Nightdive studio, bringing the hits of the past back to life. The team is known for its many re-releases and ports on the PC. Shadow Man Remastered takes place in the late 90s. Its main character is Michael Leroy, the last in a line of powerful voodoo warriors who protect the living from the dangers of the other side, the world of the dead. During the adventure, we will travel through the swamps of Louisiana, New York, a Texas prison and a mental hospital, pursuing dangerous subordinates of a mysterious man named Legion, who is preparing to bring apocalypse to the world. The story is based on comics about the adventures of a superhero named Shadowman, which began to appear in the early 90s.

The game is updated 17-06-2021, 05:58, to the latest version 1.3.