Skellboy Refractured v2.0.2
  • Refractured v2.0.2
Skellboy — fairytale worlds are full of diverse stories that do not always end well. For example, today you have the opportunity to go to the kingdom of Kubold, whose expanses are now teeming not only with dangerous monsters and zombies, but also with heartless heroes who seized power and now do not intend to lose it. It all happened due to the fact that the young beautiful princess refused to court the magician who decided to take revenge and allowed not only dark magic, but also enemies into this world. True, he did not take into account one moment along with other dangers to life Skippy returned the legendary hero who is able to change everything.

The game is updated 21-01-2021, 04:05, to the latest version Refractured v2.0.2.