Steel Division 2 Burning Baltics - CODEX + Update v51345
  • Update v51345
The latest historical expansion for Steel Division 2 Burning Baltics, in which players need to participate in one of the last major German offensives in the war, the Axis counteroffensive in the Baltics as part of Operation Doppelkopf. This add-on brings to the game a massive campaign of the General of the Army, 8 new divisions available in single, co-op or multiplayer play, more than 120 new units, as well as two new countries and two new aces. The DLC focuses on the major German counteroffensive in the Baltics during Operation Doppelkopf in 1944. This offensive was one of the last in the war in which the Germans succeeded. As part of the new campaign for Army General, players will be able to take control of the German 3rd Panzer Division or play for the opposite side in the person of the 1st Soviet Baltic Front. The add-on includes 8 historical divisions, 120 units, one ace pilot for each side and two new nations Lithuania and Estonia.