The Equinox Hunt v20200325
  • 20200325
The Equinox Hunt — an exciting indie adventure game with elements of survival, which in the south is very similar to the plot of the famous movie The Hunger Games. The initial phase and the final result is slightly different from the film, in the game your main task is to survive in a dark and terrible forest. According to the idea of the storyline, you are an ordinary guy who finds himself in a dark forest, the task is to survive the night and not become prey. Of course, the forest is not empty, it is full of dangers that will keep in fear and horror. There are also dangerous hunters in the forest who will try to temper your spirit and nerves, the goal is not to fall into their hands. As soon as you can get out of this forest, you will receive the treasured opportunity to return home to freedom. In addition to freedom, the player has the opportunity to reveal the terrible secret of the cultists, who sent the main character to the forest.