Transformers Battlegrounds Shattered Spacebridge - CODEX + Update v1.15899
  • Shattered Spacebridge + Update v1.15899
Transformers Battlegrounds — will tell about new events when Megatron invaded Earth and made his way too close to All-Iskers. To save the world, a team of Bumblebee and Autobots are looking for a new commander that you will become. Having assembled a team of fighters, it’s time to start tactical battles in turn-based encounters. The invasion of Earth has begun. The Decepticon leader Megatron got close to the All-Spark. In order to prevent a disaster, the Autobots need a new commander, and that’s you.

The game is updated 26-04-2021, 16:14, to the latest version Shattered Spacebridge + Update v1.15899.