Vicious Gambling Agreement v1.2.1 - PLAZA
  • 1.2.1
Vicious Gambling Agreement — in one gloomy and dark world, peace and peace once reigned. All races coexisted with each other — orcs and people, angels and demons. But then the war began, plunging the world into real chaos, in which it is already difficult to understand what is happening, because people are losing humanity, and in some orcs there is more good than in angels. And in this crumbling world you have to survive, and if possible try to change something. Fantasy universe, dynamic action, the era of the Middle Ages and a sea of adventure, that’s what awaits you in this game. Many battles lie ahead, defeat and gain the glory of the great warrior. Complete tasks of various kinds earning gold and respect. Walk your way through the hero, in a world where orcs and angels live next to people.