Aces and Adventures Build 10615833
  • Build 10615833

Aces and Adventures — Build your own unique deck in this role-playing game with a touch of classic poker. Embark on an exciting journey through a world designed around Scandinavian and Middle Eastern myths. And, of course, try to protect the Tree of Life from the clutches of Evil, which destroys its roots. There are three special tables inside the old forest. Together they form a portal that leads to the floating world. And so begins your incredible journey. But, it is worth remembering that each card here will be presented in the form of a torn leaf from the Tree of Life. Take advantage of their abilities to combine truly powerful attacks. In addition, do not forget to constantly develop your own strength and be prepared for the changing seasons. Well, to activate your abilities, you only need to use special cards marked «mana». In addition, you will find a fairly dynamic gameplay, an extremely clear interface and more.