Achilles Legends Untold v0.4.0 (Build 11177074)
  • Patch 0.4.0/Rev 27427 (Build 11177074)

Achilles Legends Untold — is an exciting action-RPG with a storyline inspired by elements of ancient Greek myths. You have to take on the role of Achilles himself in order to find yourself with your hero in the very center of a centuries-old conflict. The gods of death and war, Hades and Ares, are fighting for the right to dominate, and no one undertakes to predict the outcome of this confrontation. Set off with your ward on an exciting and at the same time dangerous journey through the ancient mythical world.

The game is updated 9-05-2023, 05:11, to the latest version Patch 0.4.0/Rev 27427 (Build 11177074).