Action Commando v1.0 - DOGE
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  • 1.0
Action Commando — as a Spartan soldier who travels through time, you must stop the cult of fallen gods who turn people into meat for burgers. Grab your sword and assault gun and kill these mutilated freaks in the name of humanity. Super Fluid Action Combat fire weapons in alternate fire modes, break through hordes of monsters, change weapons and quickly heal to keep the dynamic battle going. A powerful arsenal like a Spartan that travels through time, in your arsenal is not only the most deadly firearm, but also your spear, a very powerful sword that can destroy your enemies and even fend off their magical attacks. Linear Handcrafted Gameplay Explore many hand-created maps and find tons of weapons to kill hundreds of enemies. Find buddies Meet some loyal buddies who will accompany you on your adventure. Or go one choice for you.