Back To Ashes v0.9.6
  • 0.9.6 Build 10637743

Back To Ashes — is a dark fantasy RPG adventure game that offers to plunge into a series of adventures and battles in different realities of the medieval fantasy universe. Dozens of worlds in the universe plunged into darkness and were practically destroyed, corrupted by darkness and dark forces. They cannot be saved, but you can still try to change and save the world of the protagonist, and the players are just invited to do this here. Together with the main character, players are invited to go on a series of adventures, travel through long-lost worlds and try to find a way to restore peace to his native world. Here you will not be able to just go into battle and destroy everything in your path. Here you will have to fight using different skills and abilities, fend off enemy attacks, dodge, vary between obstacles, use the environment. in other words, the battles here are very difficult.

The game is updated 27-02-2023, 05:01, to the latest version 0.9.6 Build 10637743.