Actor Tycoon 2 v2021.01.07 - Goldberg
  • Goldberg
  • 2021.01.07
Actor Tycoon 2 is a mostly cool text-based simulator of an acting agency, in which you play the role of the organization’s owner and will be involved in actors, their promotion, development, participation in various projects, and not only. Well, you have to start everything in Actor Tycoon 2 from the smallest, namely, with the choice of the city and the opening of an acting agency. You can create and choose a character, customize his appearance, and go in pursuit of fame in the field of show business. It seems to be nothing complicated, and in itself this area attracts very, very many, but believe me, starting to do business, you will encounter so many problems that it is hard to imagine.

The game is updated 7-01-2021, 15:32, to the latest version 2021.01.07.