Addle Earth Build 5470765
  • Build 5470765
Addle Earth — is an action and shooter game developed by Sunland Estudios de Entretenimento Ltda for the PC platform. An adventure-style game where the player needs to run and destroy enemies along the way in the form of droids and similar mechanical machines. The choice is always there, the same is realized in this game, the choice consists of three characters, each of which has unique characteristics and characteristics. The choice is only yours, whom to choose, for example, you can take Che, who is a monkey, or a girl named Kit, or use the services of a uniplanetary named Moses. The environment in the game belongs to the stylistics of science fiction, and the features can be distinguished by indie, adventure action, casual game from the third person, fantasy for one player. It can also be concluded that these are some kind of star wars that hide secrets.