Against the Storm v0.64.6r
  • 0.64.6r

Against the Storm — build the world’s first city and civilization that can resist nature! This game in the genre of strategy and simulation is designed for the player who will do everything possible to survive in a strange, hostile and unknown world. It is ideal for a person who is used to planning, analyzing, designing and living for tomorrow. In particular, according to the plot, you find yourself in a fantasy world where it is constantly raining. It does not stop, moreover, in the toy there are several modes of rain, from a nasty shallow, to a real downpour that washes away everything in its path. Your task is to explore the world, find the remains of an ancient civilization, ruins, use their heritage and build your own city on the bones, where you can bring people and followers.

The game is updated 28-11-2023, 16:00, to the latest version 0.64.6r.