Age of Wonders 4 v1.002.004.79072 + 3 DLC
  • FitGirl RePack
  • + 3 DLC

Age of Wonders 4 — the doors of a magical kingdom are opening before you! This game is presented in the style of a classic 4X strategy and turn-based battles. Where with each new move it will be possible to expand your empire. A new era has dawned for the popular series of strategy games. After all, thanks to various story events and individual customization of the empire, this game can be played indefinitely. Ah, it all starts with the return of wizard-kings who want to rule over mortals. Well, here you can learn the power of magical books and join the epic battle for the future of this world. To begin with, create your own unique people, select a culture and abilities for magic for them.

The game is updated 29-05-2023, 15:36, to the latest version + 3 DLC.