AI War 2 The Neinzul Abyss v5.521 - FLT
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  • 5.521

AI War 2 The Neinzul Abyss — instead of playing for the usual human empire, playing the necromancer, you gain control of a mobile fleet that feeds on living beings from other universes. Capture enemy guard posts, create skeletons and deaths from enemy ships and go on quests against the Templars and the elders of the Nizuls. It took a year to develop this large-scale new style of play, and most of our testers say it’s their favorite way to try out the game. For a multiplayer game there is an additional Necromancer Sidekick that can be played with humans or necromancer empires, or in a single or multiplayer game you can have any number of Necromancer empires alone or with other types of players.