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  • Build 2022.11.03.13478dd (59990)

Alaloth Champions of The Four Kingdoms is an action-adventure RPG with an isometric camera view. You have to go to explore a large open world, choosing one of the four available races to create a character. You will find a fascinating atmosphere of dark fantasy in medieval style, a character editor that allows you to choose the characteristics, class and skills of the hero, co-op and multiplayer for 4 players, 4 races, more than 40 houses and clans that you will get to know as you progress, as well as 12 memorable companions. Isometric action RPG in a dark fantasy world. You have to create your own unique hero by choosing a race, appearance and skills. Join one of dozens of guilds or create your own after beating the game. Team up with three more comrades and go on a journey together or fight against each other.

The game is updated 7-11-2022, 02:56, to the latest version Build 2022.11.03.13478dd (59990).