ALand of Ngoto - PLAZA + Update v1.3
  • 1.3
Land of Ngoto — a game in which you are a sleep researcher and a talented dreamer, you follow in Africa to find out the cause of the global crisis. There you find yourself in the African world of dreams, the Ngoto Country. A real dream, unlike everything that you experienced before. You are able to manipulate part of the dream, and another force is trying to capture you in this world. Unexpected help comes from those already captured in this world. Solving puzzles, you can free them and with the help of acquired strength you can influence Ngoto and continue your journey through the land of dreams. You have to solve a large number of puzzles along the way. The further the more difficult the tasks become, you also get more influence on the dream world. Immerse yourself in a surreal world representing beauty and culture, as well as the history of the African continent in an abstract form.

The game is updated 25-11-2019, 15:48, to the latest version 1.3.