Alchemist Adventure - PLAZA + Update v1.211217
  • Update v1.211217 + Return to Isur
Alchemist Adventure — is an isometric action adventure set in the abandoned region of Isur. Once upon a time, famous master alchemists lived here, but now only ruins remain here. The main character of the game is Mia, a young alchemist. She explores the ruins and uses her alchemist skills to remember her past and uncover the secrets of this place. Girlfriend Miya lost her family after being attacked by a creepy underwater monster. Didn’t quite understand how, but the heroine ended up in the land of alchemists, where she was actually mastering this complex craft as a self-taught. Despite the cute pictures, the game world is quite harsh, scattered everywhere are notes that shed light on the state of affairs. The alchemists prove to be a tough enough community that has kept the entire continent at bay.

The game is updated 5-02-2022, 04:15, to the latest version Update v1.211217 + Return to Isur.