Alchemists Awakening v1.20с
  • 1.20с
Alchemists Awakening — is an open-world sandbox where you play the role of a young alchemist who explores a wonderful world. Gradually, you will explore new opportunities, you have 9 basic elements, combining which, you can create various objects. Also, with the help of alchemy, you can summon various creatures that will protect you from enemies. Combining different elements, you can build anything you want, from machines to collect the necessary elements, ending with creatures, which can then be revived. There are three game modes in Alchemists Awakening: survival, you enter the world as a beginner alchemist and try to survive in it; creative, this mode allows you to conveniently and quickly build whatever you want.

The game is updated 22-06-2020, 03:53, to the latest version 1.20с.