Aliens Fireteam Elite v1.0.5.114925 incl. Online Fix
  • P2P
  • Build 12885742

The project, called Aliens Fireteam Elite — is an adventure horror Ashwalkers with elements of survival, shooter, and also with a first-person camera view. Hurry up to plunge into the cult Alien universe, where you, together with your squad of marines, will go to the very epicenter of the battle against aliens. The events of this game take place twenty-three years after the history of the original trilogy. You will reincarnate as a soldier who serves on board the ship «Endeavor». Over the course of four story campaigns, you will have to throw all your strength to eliminate the threat of alien enslavement. Immediately be prepared for the fact that the enemy will outnumber you, you will face more than twenty types of monsters, eleven of which will belong to the genus of xenomorphs.

The game is updated 21-12-2023, 10:23, to the latest version Build 12885742.