Alisa The Awakening Build 11951484
  • Build 11951484

Alisa The Awakening — is an adventure creepy Survival Horror in the horror style of the RE series. Here you are waiting for the terrible adventures of Alice, who became the royal agent, a sea of intrigue, and much more. The game tells the story of Alice, a girl who has become an elite royal agent. She spent a long time tracking down a dangerous criminal, but suddenly disappeared. At this moment, she woke up in a strange mansion, inspired by the Victorian era, but too similar to the most ordinary dollhouse. Now she needs to survive and find out how she got here and what goals the criminal who placed her here pursues. But it will not be easy to do. This house is full of various mechanized dolls, puzzles, and other dangers that can play an evil joke on Alice’s fate.

The game is updated 5-11-2023, 14:59, to the latest version Build 11951484.