Alpine The Simulation Game - DOGE + Update v1.18
  • DOGE
  • 1.18
In game Alpine The Simulation Game you will find a variety of story modes with many missions, all in the center of a carefully thought-out game world in the snowy Alps. Welcome to the beautiful world of mountains. The scenery invites you to spend time among the high mountains, deep valleys and a small idyllic mountain village. Participate to help guests of the idyllic mountain village of Oberbrook experience skiing in their own classroom. Then put on your skis and take turns skiing on the fresh slope! Discover a variety of story modes with many different missions and expand your ski resort by performing exciting tests using different vehicles to discover new slopes, lifts and even new areas of the game world.

The game is updated 27-04-2022, 05:22, to the latest version 1.18.