American Theft 80s v1.1.02 (The Rich Neighborhood Update)
  • Update v1.1.02 The Rich Neighborhood

American Theft 80s — is a racing and simulation computer game created by Noble Muffins as a one-player game. In the environment, you can identify such features as 3D, stealth, robbery, immersive sim, 80s, crime, parkour, steam achievements and others. The events unfold in the 80s where participants have to steal VHS-players, classic cars and cassettes, well, and escape from the police if you are caught. In order to rob a bank, museums, shops, you need the right tools. To get into a house or other premises, you first need to find out the necessary information about the tenants so as not to get caught. You will be able to familiarize yourself with videotapes, cassette players.

The game is updated 16-09-2022, 09:43, to the latest version Update v1.1.02 The Rich Neighborhood.