American Truck Simulator Colorado - CODEX + Update v1.40.2.1
DLC update for American Truck Simulator, in which the state of Colorado opens up to players. Colorado is a western US state that has a varied landscape with arid desert, river canyons, and snow-covered Rocky Mountains. The highest mountainous state in the United States offers an incredible selection of wildlife and natural wonders, as well as a rich cultural heritage found throughout the state. Colorado will be the seventh state to be added to American Truck Simulator since its launch in 2016 following Arizona, New Mexico, Oregon, Washington, Utah, and Idaho and will open up many new routes for truckers. As with the other states of American Truck Simulator, this is not an accurate game, but rather an attempt to convey the essence of Colorado in a space vast enough to feel proper, but not big enough to go anywhere or achieve anything whole eternity.

The game is updated 10-06-2021, 17:14, to the latest version