Angels of Death Episode Eddie v1.0 - DARKZER0
  • 1.0
Angels of Death Episode Eddie — is a mix of indie role-playing adventure game and quest, a game in which you have to plunge headlong into the intriguing and sometimes tragic story of a guy named Eddie and his girlfriend. The events of the game take place in the family of Eddie, a boy whose family works in a local cemetery and earn money by digging graves. And, it would seem, there is nothing strange or extraordinary in this, if not for one unexpected meeting that happened in Eddie’s life one fine evening. He met a girl with very strange eyes, and since then fell in love with her. Because of this, he began to constantly go to her and see her at the gates of the cemetery, but all this was not casual. Well, you have to take the guy under your control and find out what this meeting means in general, and what awaits him and his new companion ahead.