Anglerfish v1.0.0.0 Build 9923664
  • Build 9923664

Anglerfish — here it will only work after the character dies. And, each passage will be unique in its own way! Embark on an exciting adventure, bring your trusty shotgun, a little wit and of course get a lot of impressions. You are the real Angler. You visit a strange bar nestled among the Mols mountains. Dating and survival, an amazing combination isn’t it? Well, well, every time after you die, you have to start all over again. True, it will only become more interesting with the new passage. Try to survive the worst night of your life. Reveal terrible secrets, explore a rather gloomy environment and immerse yourself in the hidden secrets with your head. But, will you be able to carry out your plan? Some of your friends have decided to get married.