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  • 1.4520.940918
Anno 1503 History Collection — updated games will also please with support for screen resolutions up to 4K, a player selection system, and will also be fully compatible with the original games in terms of save files. This product was developed by Sunflowers Interactive. In May of that year, this project appeared to have a major competitor, also a historical economic strategy in the face of the now universally known Ceaser 3. This game tells how a handful of people from the Old World are sent to a new and unexplored western continent, in search of a better life, driven by all the hardships that hit Europe in the 16th century. Having landed on the shores of the New World, our newly made colonialists must not only survive, but also bring their people to prosperity. Under the clear guidance of a player, from a small settlement can grow to a large prosperous city.