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  • 2.0 (Magic Reborn)

Arons Adventure — is transported to the vast world of Elora. Fantasy space is full of surprises. The plot tells about the awakening of the antagonist and his minions. A huge area suffers from this. It is necessary to prevent enemy units that are attacking the population in droves. You will have to play as a brave warrior who will cope with waves of aggressive creatures. You can use a combination of techniques, causing greater harm to the health of ill-wishers. The view is presented from the 3rd person. Gradually the difficulty will increase. Opponents will become stronger. Each of them has special weapons and skills. In addition to regular units, there will be giant bosses, including a dragon, a gorilla in armor, a robot and other creatures. We need to repel our opponents, restoring our former calm. There are puzzles that are solved by interacting with the environment. You will need to raid enemy camps.