Auto Fire v0.6.52
  • 0.6.52

Auto Fire — is a very cool and at the same time driving action RPG mixed with racing and battles, in which you have to go to an apocalyptic world and try to survive, becoming famous and rich. The game takes place in a kind of apocalyptic world that has survived a terrible cataclysm. Now a new world was built on the fragments of a once prosperous civilization, in which all problems are solved only with the help of weapons, speed, and cool cars. Well, you will play the role of an ordinary mercenary, driving through the vastness of the new world and trying to survive in all possible ways. The gameplay here is quite simple, and it is based on the simplest mechanics, but at the same time it looks extremely attractive. For example, it is worth starting by mentioning that everything here will happen from the top view, and you will be driving a cool battle car.

The game is updated 4-07-2022, 11:08, to the latest version 0.6.52.