Banners of Ruin v1.4.64
  • 1.4.64

Banners of Ruins — is a roguelike card game with RPG elements, deck building and turn-based combat set in an alternate medieval era with humanoid animals. Studio Monte Bearo is responsible for the game. Banners of Ruins is a multi-scenario game in which we rule the Blackfoot clan after being attacked by the evil Ender. Revenge is sweet, so we have a series of missions to infiltrate the enemy and weaken his defenses in order to bring about the retaliation we dream of. By recruiting team members, we mingle with the Dawn’s Point City crowd to quietly and efficiently take out key figures and security posts. Banners of Ruins is a cornerstone card game in which we fight many enemies.

The game is updated 29-09-2023, 04:34, to the latest version 1.4.64.