Big Farm Story v1.12.15413
  • 1.12.15413
If you have ever wanted to manage an entire farm, while not forgetting about everyday life, then we have something interesting — Big Farm Story. Today we invite you to become a part of an incredible and interesting adventure, from which only positive emotions and impressions will remain. The game offers to fully reveal your farm management skills, using the experience gained in the early games of the series. The impressive number of possibilities and features of the project are impressive, so take your time and make each decision, considering its consequences in advance. Even if you are wrong, do not be sad and try again, unleashing your potential and using all the available knowledge to achieve a favorable result. The main feature of the game is that you have to not only rebuild your own farm, but also establish relationships with the villagers, communicating with them, helping in solving problems, trading and doing everything in order to improve their lives.

The game is updated 26-06-2022, 04:38, to the latest version 1.12.15413.