• 4.4

BIGFOOT — as its name implies, will tell about one of the most mystical, famous and almost legendary creatures on our planet. Bigfoot often appeared in various parts of the world and various eyewitnesses vied with each other that they saw him. Someone considers him an evil monster, someone a hermit. Once and for all, the player will have to deal with this riddle. You act as a hunter. And your target is Bigfoot’s hide. You are provided with a fairly extensive arsenal from the trusty rifle to the traps. Your prey is hiding in the wild forest, which must be hunted down and killed. But this is not just an ordinary beast, but a mythical creature that no one has yet managed to catch, and if he suddenly suspects something was wrong, then you risk turning from a hunter into a victim.

The game is updated 5-08-2022, 12:13, to the latest version 4.4.